1. Exchanging Pleasantries w/ Chelsea Watt and Youth & Rust
    August 2014

  2. Rob cut his leg open with a chainsaw.
    July, 2014.

  3. Golden Gate Bridge, SF
    June 2014

  5. Colin Medley at S.H.I.B.G.B.’s
    May 2014

  6. Hanging out at S.H.I.B.G.B.’s

  7. St. Lawrence Antiques Market, May 4th

  8. Robyn eating roti take-out from Mother India in my kitchen.

  9. This is my younger brother, Marty.

    I spent years dropping him off and picking him up at the bus stop while he was in college because he didn’t have a drivers license. He studied Jazz & Contemporary Music, and played the trumpet. During his school years, he played in numerous bands and ensembles; everything from the Toronto All-Star Big Band to Indian wedding ceremonies. Growing up in the same house during the first few years of his college years wasn’t easy, as he spent multiple hours practicing trumpet every evening. Sometimes the strain on my ears of him not hitting the correct high notes was enough to get me to escape the house or else an eventual argument would ensue. Nevertheless, he eventually graduated and I moved out into my own apartment. He went on to enrol in teachers college, and graduated last summer.

    In the time since then, he’s been working with one of my bestfriends and roommate, Rob, assisting him in his arborist/tree service company. The work is gruelling, physically demanding, and often dangerous. As his brother, this was not the work I wanted to see him doing.

    A few weeks ago, after spending months applying to different school boards in the Toronto area, Marty finally landed an interview and was offered a teaching position. Within a weeks time, he got his drivers license, bought his first car, and began teaching the day after.

    I know how hard he’s worked to get to where he is today, and I’m really happy for him and my parents.

    The above photo is of Marty posing with his Toyota on Sunday April 13th in the parking lot behind my apartment. We had just returned from the bar where we watched Liverpool defeat Manchester City in what may prove to be a title-deciding match. Marty and I went to our first Liverpool game in England this season for their home-opener and it’s been a remarkable season so far, one where Marty and I have followed each game together over the past eight months.

  10. Friday night group dinners back in effect.

  11. Lately

  13. Jack Kwok is taking another iPhone Vacation.
    Check back for more photos from all over Europe coming throughout the month! 


    Brooklyn Bridge iPhone.

  14. Self, Berwick St. 
    London, August 2013

  15. Buckingham Palace
    London, August 2013